Maintenance That Matters Redefining Commercial Service for Property Owners.

Property Owners

As a commercial property owner, your tenants and their employees are the top priority. Their perception of the indoor environment can mean the difference between high occupancy or high turnover. So when it comes to your property portfolio, HVAC can be the source of great reliability or of extreme headaches.

Strategic service partnerships are the key to successfully managing your property investments. Your HVAC system should be no exception. The right commercial HVAC service relationship can result in lower operating costs, fewer unexpected repairs, better performance, and responsive service in hours, not days.

You and your facilities team should expect to get the most out of your HVAC investment and service provider.

The HSA Way
At HSA, we are committed to redefining commercial HVAC repair and maintenance. Our clients rely on our team to conduct thorough systems evaluations, recommend alternative options based on goals and budget restraints and help them to better manage HVAC requirements across their entire property.

Choose us as your HVAC partner to protect your equipment investment:

• Minimize the cost of repairs by getting the repair right, the first time
• Resolve HVAC issues efficiently with response to service requests in hours, not days
• Drive your occupancy rates with comfortable (aka happy) tenants
• Help your property and facility managers be more efficient through planned maintenance
• Maximize your ROI by choosing a service partner that works diligently to extend the lifespan of your existing equipment

As a trusted partner for commercial property owners throughout the Lehigh Valley and Eastern Pennsylvania, HSA is Redefining Commercial Service.

If you are ready to see your HVAC assets in a whole new light, take 15 minutes to watch a few examples of how our technicians are using XOi to give Property Owners, Property Managers and Facility Managers the knowledge they need to make better financial and operational decisions.

Ready to learn how HSA can help protect your investment and maximize your HVAC ROI? Schedule an appointment with HSA Mechanical President, Blair Newsham.