Redefining Institutional Service Where comfort impacts

Institutional Facilities

Public institutions turn to us because the performance of their HVAC system directly impacts the care of patients, residents, guests and students:

• Public & Private Schools
• Managed Care Facilities
• Hospitals
• Medical Office Buildings
• Medical Diagnostic and Testing Centers
• Houses of Worship

The challenge for some of these institutions is the age of their buildings. Many are older – even historic – hotels, converted mansions, hospitals or churches that where built before the existence of modern cooling and ventilation systems. Interior walls are solid rock, brick or cinder block. Ceilings are plaster and lath with no workspace. Basements have low clearance and dirt floors.

Many of these structures also have boiler systems that predate the age of the service technician sent to work on them! Yet these boilers are extremely reliable workhorses when you know how to maintain them. Our HSA team has a deep bench of knowledge for tackling these older buildings and HVAC systems, including steam expertise that many companies do not have.

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