Redefining Maintenance A new look at your facility & HVAC equipment.

XOi Technology

Delivering thorough and proactive commercial HVAC service is at the core of what we do every day. The XOi Technology platform allows us to elevate our service and take our commitment to redefine commercial service to a whole new level for our customer.

Whether you are a property owner, property manager or facility manager, just imagine:

  • Taking a virtual tour to better know your building spaces – without ever leaving your desk
  • Viewing equipment readings before and after a service call to demonstrate resolution of a performance issue
  • Memorializing equipment and its operational status
  • Sharing digital records with our customers which can then be used in the event of equipment failures for insurance and warranty claims

As the equipment gets serviced and repaired in your building, our records will keep track of data plates, filter changes, diagnostic readings and more. XOi provides accurate asset collection and equipment management.

Learn more about how HSA uses XOi Technology to benefit our customers. Schedule a demo today and we will send you an information sheet in advance of your demo.