Redefining Maintenance Minimize downtime.
The HSA Way.

Planned Maintenance

Tired of costly emergency calls? Invest in the right maintenance – the HSA way – instead.

Our job is to keep our customers operational, comfortable and productive. HSA’s approach to planned maintenance is very customer-focused. That means we are here to save you money, not cost you money.

Our technicians are trained to have the critical eye to say, “Everything is running well” or “These items must be addressed” or “This unit is fine right now, however, we will need to address these items in the next 3-6 months”. We work with our customers to determine a plan for timely replacement that fits with their operations and their budget.

We don’t have a crystal ball. We can’t guarantee that there will never be a breakdown. But rest assured, nothing would please us more than to never need to do another emergency service call – EVER. That’s just one way we are Redefining Commercial Service.

Just a few of our PM touchpoints:
• Visual inspection of the units
• Digital monitoring of unit while in operation
• Filter and belt inspection and/or replacement
• Video documentation of issues identified during the inspection
• Post-service report or follow-up repair recommendation

Download our planned maintenance whitepaper or contact us to schedule a PM comparison meeting.

Our clients represent a diverse group of business enterprises with unique operational priorities and challenges.

• Commercial Office Buildings
• Manufacturing & Industrial Spaces
• Public & Private Schools
• Health Care Facilities
• Houses of Worship