The Service Logic Advantage. Our customers have it working for them.

Service Logic makes HSA Mechanical a better company.

HSA Mechanical has had a long history of being engaged with select groups of commercial HVAC professionals from across the country. This commitment continued as HSA Mechanical became a member company of Service Logic and joined its national network of professional HVAC business owners who collaborate with one another to provide leadership development and best practice resources.

Service Logic operates in 85+ locations, employing over 3,400 people who serve more than 25,000 clients nationwide. Their customer-centric philosophy and brand represent the kind of alliance that HSA president, Blair Newsham, wanted to help grow the HSA Mechanical team.


Collaborating with the brightest minds in our industry allows us to stay current on national trends and best practices.”
– Blair Newsham, HSA Mechanical President

Top 3 Reasons to Work with a Service Logic Member:

1. Independent contractors deliver independent solutions to you
2. Identified by peers as one of the best companies in their geographic market
3. A culture and peer network created to support your long-term success

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